summer 17!

This summer was… amazing!

My summer started off with a week long visit to Hilton Head, South Carolina with my two best friends. We were pretty excited for the lazing around and beautiful beaches, but also because Hilton Head is talked about in pll (my guilty pleasure). It was a week of delicious food, warms naps on the beach, and since it was basically a week long sleepover, many games of truth or dare, never have I ever, and what’re the odds.

As you can tell, I was pretty psyched to be on vacation!

My summer almost took a turn for the worst when I had to take a summer theology class but then… Newborn puppies showed up!!! And all was well again in the universe.

We don’t really know why these puppies showed up on campus, but no one was complaining

Next, I visited France with one of my best friends and my older sister for two weeks. We stayed with this incredibly kind and welcoming French family, and of course the food! It was so interesting to see French culture, and also hear how they viewed American culture. Of course everyone who met me had a lot of questions about Trump, but I just kind of ignored those. All the museums in Nantes and Paris were awe inspiring, and I’m a sucker for a guy with a French accent (;

We visited some salt marshes on a veeeery windy day


Right when I got home from France, it was off to the next place! I went with my friend and her mom on a college road trip which was a huge adventure! Our first stop was New Orleans, Louisiana. That city has so much culture and soul, it was like a constant party. And the food… I think I gained at least two pounds from the beignets alone ): we toured Tulane, and then headed to Mississippi for our next tour. After Mississippi, we went to Memphis, Tenessee. The Nationcal Civil Rights Museum was moving, and in the hotel where Dr. King was assassinated. We also went on a walking food tour, which was delicious! Road trips are so much fun because once you get to hour eight on the road you really know the people you’re traveling with…

Lastly, I celebrated my seventeenth birthday! I had my best friends come over to my house and we sang karaoke, told jokes, played card games, ate the delicious peanut butter chocolate cup cheesecake my mom made (from scratch!) and had a bunch of fun.





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